Our Structure


Rotaract clubs decide how to organize and run their own clubs, manage their funds, and plan and carry out activities and service projects that are important to their communities. Rotary clubs that sponsor Rotaract clubs offer guidance and support and work with Rotaractors as partners in service.


The Rotaract club of Toronto has been active in our local community since 1980 and is one of the oldest clubs in Canada. We are proudly Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Toronto and a part of Rotary International District 7070.


Not from Toronto? No problem! If you don't live in the Toronto area, there are more than ten-thousand Rotaract clubs spread across 100+ countries and geographic regions, connecting approximately 250,792 active Rotaractors. You can likely find an established Rotaract club to join or a Rotary club that can help you start your own! 



Rotary International


Rotary International is the 100+-year-old, globally recognized humanitarian institution behind #RotaractTO. Rotary is made up of three parts: the local clubs, Rotary International, and The Rotary Foundation. Together, we work to make lasting change in our communities and around the world.


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District 7070, Ontario Canada


Rotary and Rotaract clubs organize in geographic districts that can include different cities, provinces or states and sometimes even different countries. We are a part of District 7070, which includes 54 Rotary clubs and more than 1,960 members throughout Southern Ontario, Canada. In addition, there are have 8 Rotaract clubs which span from Toronto to Belleville. Rotary districts are lead by district governors and their Rotaract counterparts, district Rotaract representatives.

Click here to visit the Rotaract District 7070 website and learn more.


Our Leadership


The Rotaract Club of Toronto is lead by our president and their board of directors. Both the president and board are elected by our active members and serve a one-year term from July 1 to June 30. The Club Committees are lead by board members and conduct most activities in the club. All current and prospective club members can get involved in committees to exchange ideas and bring their most ambitious projects to life.   



Meet Our Board

Stacey's journey with Rotary started many years ago in Interact club in Zimbabwe. Since moving to Canada Stacey has been involved with Rotaract initially in St John's, N.L. and in the past two years with the Rotaract Club of Toronto. Stacey enjoys the connections and friendships she has made through Rotaract and is kept inspired by being surrounded by fellow Rotaractors who are passionate about making a positive impact in their community and beyond. In the upcoming year, Stacey plans to play a part in growing and strengthening of connections within the club and with the community. Stacey enjoys good food, good weather, and good books. 

Stacey Chikoto 

Club President

Jessica joined the Rotaract Club of Toronto in 2015 to become more involved in the community and build friendships. She served on the board of directors as secretary and treasurer in previous years. Jessica hopes to enhance her leadership skills as vice president while encouraging our club is to raise community awareness of Rotaract, inspiring other students and young professionals to serve. Since moving to Toronto, Jessica has only received haircuts by Rotaractors and Rotarians at the "Shave For The Brave" events, donating the hair to the Wigs for Kids project.

Jessica Besaw 

Vice President 

Kaitlynn Almeida first joined the Rotaract family in 2011 to build friendships while making a difference in both local and global communities. Since joining this club, she has made many wonderful friends and been overjoyed at members' enthusiasm to make a difference. As past co-president, Kaitlynn plans to continue supporting the club's growth while having fun along the way! Kaitlynn has a background in public health, a love for travelling, a zest for Zumba, and an appreciation of all things punny.

Kaitlynn Almeida 

Past Co-President 

Katherine was very excited to discover Rotaract, our mission of service, professional development, and of course, having fun was exactly what she was looking for. She officially joined in 2015, truly jumping in with both feet. Katherine served as professional development director for two and a half years before moving on to co-president and treasurer in 2018-19. Our past co-president has been apart of four different Annual Fundraiser campaigns and organized two changeovers, so she really knows how to throw a party. Outside of Rotaract, Katherine works in construction management where she is, literally, changing the skyline of Toronto. 

Katherine Kirkpatrick-Wahl

Past Co-President 

Othmane Lazrak became a member of the Rotaract Club of Toronto on April 2019. Born and raised in Morocco, he brought his passion for engineering and project management to Canada nine years ago, where he earned his degrees. Othmane is someone who won't stand for idleness or boredom. Showing interest in professional development and community engagement, Othmane decided to engage with the club as the secretary and board member to make an impact on our community and work collaboratively with young leaders to develop solutions to challenges our society is facing.

Othmane Lazrak 


Mariya joined Rotaract in 2017, having served our club as secretary, social and wellness director and the district as social media director. She has been honoured to connect with Rotaractors and Rotarians from all around the globe since becoming a member. Mariya believes strongly in volunteer service and its ability to build stronger communities, create new friendships and positively impact our world from the ground up. Continuously inspired by the work that all Rotaractors do, Mariya is looking forward to another exciting year ahead. 

Mariya Morosovska 


Ankita Sethi moved to Canada in 2017 and joined the Rotary family in the same year to build new friendships, and embrace different cultures. The values instilled in her, paired with an innate desire to generate a positive impact motivate her to do good in the world. As international service director, she plans to build relationships with other Rotaract clubs and do service projects that create opportunities to empower individuals financially and socially. She enjoys a good Netflix binge and jumping off the plane once in a while. Ankita can also be found reading in fiction, and literature section of a library.

Ankita Sethi 

International Service Director 

Lara joined Rotaract in 2019 in pursuit of volunteering opportunities and social engagement. She fell in love with the Rotaract Club of Toronto after participating in many of our events, such as Camp Scugog and the Minimal Waste Challenge. Lara is excited for the chance to give back to the community and work with members to realize projects that address local issues they care about. She enjoys long bike rides on the Don Valley Trail, where everyone overlaps her and drinking Negronis in hipster bars around the city. 

Lara Valles  

Community Service Director 

James first got involved in Rotary as a child when his father would bring him to Rotary events like the "Children’s Christmas Party" and the "Argo’s 50/50." Later, James joined the Rotaract Club of Toronto to give back to the community and help his peers do the same. After entering the club, he promptly became involved with the professional development committee and soon after became the director. 

James Dobson 

Professional Development Director  

Born in Brazil into a family of Rotarians, Gus was brought up in Rotary, having participated in Ryla, Interact, Youth Exchange and Rotaract, transferring his membership to our club upon moving to Toronto. Having occupied multiple club and district leadership positions over the years, he is excited to join a board once again. As an individual passionate about communication, Gus is looking forward to applying his professional skills to tell #RotaractTO's story to our community and the world.  

Gustavo Lopes  

Public Image Director 

Anny-Sandra joined The Rotary Club of Toronto in 2014. Originally from Quebec City, she always believed in community involvement as a way to connect, learn and help. Over the years, she volunteered with the ROM, Habitat for Humanity and as president of her daughters’ school PTA. With Rotary, she has chaired the senior citizens committee for the last two years. One of Anny-Sandra's daughters was a Rotary Youth Exchange Student in Argentina in 2017-18. It felt like a natural transition to become the liaison director to the Rotaract clubs. Anny-Sandra works for a Quebec based company in horticulture, and is responsible for developing the English Canadian market.

Anny-Sandra Hamel  

Rotaract Liaison for Rotary 


Club Committees

Community Service


The community service committee is dedicated to building, developing, maintaining, and improving our community. To help the people we live with, the neighbourhood we live in, the city we call home, the country we reside in, the world that we are a part of. We have achieved outstanding things in the past: raised funds to reduce homelessness, improve education, fight AIDS and to help the less privileged. This year, we are taking ourselves one step further and encouraging others to join us. We are going to tackle bigger problems and take on bigger projects.

International Service


The international service committee aims to connect and assist communities around the globe, to respond to humanitarian and natural crises through fundraisers and sustainable service projects. Members of the committee actively engage in exchanging ideas, organizing events, and projects on Rotary International's six areas of focus. The committee allows its members to expand on their Rotaract boundaries and explore the world through roundtrips and project expansion by partnering with other clubs abroad. 

Professional Development


The professional development committee provides a platform for members to learn from leaders and foster personal development. Members of the committee lead various events, plan for and invite guest speakers as well as organize networking events in addition to sharing ideas. This year we are continuing the Mentorship Program in partnership with the Rotary Club of Toronto as well as introducing new professional development events relevant to our members and the projects we aim to complete.

Public Image 

The public image committee is in charge of all our external public-facing communication, as well as organizing and executing initiatives to raise awareness about our club in the community. With a uniform public image strategy, we strengthen our name, our brand, and our work, making them even more recognizable.

Annual Fundraiser

The annual fundraiser committee plays a pivotal role in our fundraising efforts for the club. Every year, the Rotaract Club of Toronto hosts its marquee fundraiser gala that benefits an organization or project. Examples of past events are "Gatsby Speakeasy," "Vodka Tasting Nights" and "Step Up For Camp." If you have an interest or skill in event planning, fundraising, or sponsorship management and want to be part of one of the biggest Rotaract events of the year, come join us on the Annual Fundraiser committee! 


Social and Wellness


The social and wellness committee is here to help our members get to know one another beyond our general meetings. It aims to organize exciting social events that encourage engagement, bonding, and fellowship within our club, as well as promoting good physical and mental health. 


Club Documentation Working Group


The club documentation workgroup is operating to create documentation that guides club members and help with transition planning between Rotaract years (e.g. enhance our club Constitution, discuss membership requirements, strengthen decision-making principles). If you are looking to share your ideas and want to enhance your skills, your involvement would be a great way to achieve this! The potential for resumé enhancement includes policy development, editing documentation language for clarity and strengthening organizational skills.


We meet every two weeks at The Blake House on Mondays, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. 

RSVPs appreciated but not required.  


Club meetings: 

The Blake House (basement)

449 Jarvis St, Toronto

Mailing Address: 

Rotaract Club of Toronto

c/o The Rotary Club of Toronto

Fairmont Royal York Hotel

100 Front St. W. Toronto, ON

M5J 1E3


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Social media: RotaractTO


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