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Minimal waste blog: Seven documentaries to get informed and get inspired

By: Lara Valles

While we all have to do our part to maintain social distancing, that doesn't mean you can't also get inspired to pursue a minimal waste lifestyle. So keep that Netflix on and check out the following documentaries to educate yourself and help create the positive change we need now more than ever.


Explore how our lives might be better with less by taking viewers inside the lives of minimalists from all walks of life. Beware of the instant sensation to start decluttering.

"Where Does New York City's Trash Go?"

This fascinating and well-done documentary shows where the trash of one of the biggest cities in the world goes every day and gets you thinking about your own waste. 


Follow the journey of an environmentalist as he explores solutions to current environmental issues in the agricultural industry. This film certainly gets you thinking, but make sure to do your research and verify the facts presented. 

"Wasted: The Story of Food Waste"

This documentary aims to solve the problem of food waste by changing the way people buy, cook, recycle, and eat food. Not to mention the movie is also a cooking lesson form real-life, talented chefs. What more could you ask for? 

"A Gateway Bug"

A film about feeding humanity in an uncertain age, it will make you think seriously about where comes from our food and provides solution on what you can do to help overcome this global issue.

"No Impact Man"

Colin Beavan swore off plastic and toxins, turned off his electricity, went organic, and started riding his bicycle exclusively for an entire year in New York City. Just think: you never have to depend solely on TTC ever again. 

"The True Cost"

Pulls back the curtain on the fashion industry to give viewers an honest look at the human and environmental costs of producing clothes. Which we're sure your partner will appreciate it when you decide that you don't need that 13th pair of Dr. Martens. 

"The 11th Hour"

This 2007 DiCaprio drama explores how humanity has arrived at the "11th Hour:" the last possible moment that change is possible for our planet and its ecosystems. And did we mention it has Leonardo DiCaprio?

Throughout the next few weeks, we will be sharing a new minimal waste challenge to inspire you to either take your minimal waste game to the next level or if you already do it, share any tips you may have. Stay tuned on our News & Features section and our social media for more ideas and minimal waste challenges. 

Lara Valles is the Director of Community Service for the Rotaract Club of Toronto. She started her minimal waste journey a year ago and is excited to be a part of this community of people that not only care about the environment but are doing everything they can to fix it. 

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