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When life gives you a lockdown

By Aditi Kara

Throughout modern human history, we endured many challenges collectively. Here are some tips to overcome some of the difficulties brought by social distancing and other pandemic "side effects."

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, the isolation can be hard for everyone. It is a real test of your patience: the pressure can either shatter you or make you stronger. Since you are reading this, we hope these five pointers will propel you in the right direction so you can be the latter, not the former. 

Uplift your spirit

"Why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up," said Alfred to Batman when he lost everything his father built for him. You may tend to feel defeated in some situations, and that's okay. The most important is to remember that you picked yourself up in the past, and you can do it again.

Remember: this too shall pass.

Uplift others

Did you know that loneliness is a global problem? Scientists believe that it can be as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day or being severely overweight! If you are feeling solitary, so is one-third of the world under lockdown. Take this opportunity and use technology to connect to people, especially the ones who need our moral support, friends, family, the young and the elderly. 

Develop your skills

What a fantastic opportunity this is to improve your skills or acquire new ones! You could end up improving your English while binge-watching CBC's "Schitt's Creek" – trust me, Moira Rose's vocabulary is to envy even the most polished naive speakers out there. Language-learning applications, YouTube tutorials for DIYs, sketching, cooking, whatever you can imagine exists and acquiring a new skill can be on your fingertips thanks to the internet. I don't have to elaborate on that, do I? So make sure you find some time in between Netflix shows and do something constructive. 

Plan ahead

The pandemic hit our lives hard, but have you heard how good it has been for the environment? Maybe this is a reminder for all of us to bring a much-awaited change in our lifestyle! Perhaps this is a chance to introspect on how we can make a positive change. Read about how you can make your life environmentally sustainable, discuss it with your family and friends and prepare for it. If you think you can't do anything about it (which is unlikely), the least you can do is prepare yourself mentally for it and set your expectations right. 

Get creative

I sometimes randomly text my friends to make sure they are okay. I recently texted this one friend of mine to check in and he told me about this "Taskmaster" thing he does with his friends. Weekly, people in a group take turns to assign one task for everyone else. For that week he had to recreate a music video. When he showed it to me I laughed so hard my stomach hurt! Hands down, that was the most entertaining thing I saw in the last few weeks, perhaps months! So yes, get creative, get together with friends for fun activities to stay connected and maybe even do some ridiculous.

Aditi is a budding lawyer with international legal experience in three different counties. Marathon running during her formative years and other life challenges have helped her build physical and mental endurance. 

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