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PEER WORKSHOP - Interview Skills

The workshop presented by Anisa Nazir related to be prepared for an interview was very precise and fulfilled all the points related for what, why and how to be ready for an interview.

The information provided was very updated, useful, and scenarios were given, dynamics exercises created to connect, share and exchange experience from workplace by the ones that were in the workshop. Those guidelines, suggestions for daily basis for the ones that are facing or going to deal with this stage and that will fit perfectly to ace during the interview.

Also, in an interview, related to questions that recruiters may have, such as, what they can ask, following the legal standards towards who is being interviewed, what type of questions they may ask and how you can get ready for it, for example, try to specific, direct and answer on the same time properly the question asked by a recruiter. While you are going to be interviewed you allowed to know who will interview you and to know the name of the person and how would the best way to approach from the start until the end of the interview, the recruiters.

The presentation was well prepared, very thoughtful, well-illustrated, dynamic and everyone in the workshop interacted to each other, sharing their experiences, feedbacks and participating in the activities provided by Anisa during the themes discussed. All exercises were related to explore all sort of topics involved.

The workshop served the proposal as well as to avoid any type of missing knowledge and to ensure that everyone understood how it works this environment in Toronto, major standards, patterns and structure being prepared and being aware what an interview holds. But also, it may be more specific for a certain position or cultural organization that have their own style of recruiting and interviewing.

Personally, I found that all topics presented clarified our doubts, questions or concerns towards getting ready for an interview and also the manners that everyone should use after the interview, such as, a call or short note thank you for the opportunity of being interviewed.


For info on our professional development events and workshops, come find our Professional Development Committee members at our next club meeting!

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