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Cheers to Our Wonderful Members !

Members are the substance that form a successful Rotaract Club, without each other we would not be able to execute the incredible work we do as the Rotaract Club of Toronto. This year we have decided to recognise a member each month who has shown a great amount of dedication and has gone above and beyond in their contribution to the club. With so many active and enthusiastic members it is not hard to find a member of the month, rather it is hard to choose just one person! In honour of the RI theme for August : Membership and New Club Development Month, we would like to thank our members who make our club the joy that it is.

We took some time to talk to Diego Ribeiro Galbiati (noted as DG in the article) our member of the month for August 2018, to find out what it is that makes him be so dedicated and keep wanting to give more by exemplifying our motto “Service Above Self”:

How long have you been involved with Rotaract ? (the short version haha)

DG: I have been part of Rotary family since 2005 when I was an outbound Rotary Youth Exchange Student in 2005-06 in Thailand, Rotary district 3350.

I then joined Rotaract Club in October, 2008 and I became president of Rotaract Club of Presidente Prudente Sul in 2009-2010. In 2011-12 I was secretary of Rotaract District Representative.

I received Paul Harris title in 2010-11 after I went to RYLA North America by trying to make Matching Grants through Rotaract Clubs to partner with Rotary Clubs.

In April 2010, while president of Rotaract Club Presidente Prudente Sul, I founded Rotex as president founder of Rotex of Rotary district 4510.

In December, 2015 I joined Rotaract Club of Toronto from Rotary District 7070, by transferring from Rotaract Club of Presidente Prudente Sul.

Diego being acknowledged as the Rotaract Club of Toronto's Member of the Month for August.

What is your favourite part of being a rotaractor?

DG: My favourite part is continuing to be part of the Rotary International family. I would love to give back what Rotary International gave to me through my year in Thailand.

So, I believe by joining Rotaract Club and being part of this Rotary Club structure, we are working towards the Rotary Wheels as a little engine that keeps on moving to benefit our local and international community.

I love the fellowship among rotaractors, friends you are able to make and the Rotarians that can be your mentors.

What made you want to join Rotaract ?

DG: I also joined Rotaract Club P. P. Sul because of my grandmother’s influence. She was a Rotarian for 17 years and Rotarians that are friends of my family wanted me to go join de Rotaract Club. They all supported me to become President for the year 2009-2010.

Rotaract Club gives you so much that being part of the club, you can never give back enough to community. So if are thinking of joining, be open minded, in your heart and soul. You will learn, experience and also share so much from the moment you will enter a Rotaract Club.

Describe Rotaract in 3 words

DG: Fellowship, Comprehension and Leadership!

Thank you to Diego for sharing his sage Rotaract wisdom and heart-warming words about the difference the Rotary International Family has made in his life. We are grateful to have such amazing people as part of our community.

*The answers here have been edited for length and/or clarity.*

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