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New measures to ensure the quality and security of our Zoom meetings

By Gus Lopes

The Rotaract Club of Toronto is taking new measures effective April 6 to prevent issues with club meetings held online via the Zoom platform in light of recent events. The changes include password protection and an RSVP form for visitors and guests. In light of recent issues reported by the media, our club is taking cautionary measures to ensure the privacy and quality of our Zoom calls. Zoom has communicated users via email that it has "chosen to enable passwords on your meetings and turn on waiting rooms by default as additional security enhancements," to better protect users. With the waiting rooms feature activated, meeting attendees will have to wait to be admitted manually by the moderator. Luckily, our club has not experienced any breaches in our meetings, and we are taking preventive action to keep things that way. In addition to Zoom's measures, we chose to include an RSVP form for guests and visitors before they can access meeting links or ID. This added layer of protection will ensure this sensitive information will not be publicly available online. We kindly request club members do not share the meeting links on social media. Club members and prospective members will receive meeting information via email or other means of communication. Guests and visitors can fill out their RSVP here so they can get the meeting link, password and other details on their email. As we introduce these new changes, some adjustments may be necessary. We will communicate any additional modifications via email, club newsletter and social media. As always, anyone is welcome to reach out to with any concerns or suggestions.

Gus Lopes is the Rotaract Club of Toronto's public image director for Rotary year 2019-20

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